If whats happening in Ferguson was happening to an all white community, it would be called a dystopian novel

#and all actions against the police would be heroic and daring#and the plucky white protags would be encouraged to use violence to stop the injustice

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anyway, thanks pretty little liars, for naming the worst lesbian pairing ever emily and alison. 



This is actually the cutest thing ever okay

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the best moment in cinematic history

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my problem with paige and emily is that every time i see them together, paige is like begging emily not to do any more crazy shit that’s going to put her life in danger, and emily is always like hmmm…nah. emily doesn’t give a shit about paige, so i don’t get it???


The real problem with books-turned-movies isn’t “omg they didn’t include every single word in the book” it’s “omg they completely overlooked the main theme, threw out any significant allegories, took away all the emotional pull, an turned it into a boring action movie with a love triangle in it”

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Ugh why do I hate brushing my teeth so much???

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The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 (2011), Göran Hugo Olsson

You heard it right folks, the FBI considered free breakfasts for poor children to be the most dangerous internal threat to the country. Literally the kind of thing Jesus would do was the most dangerous threat to the country.

It’s not surprising, considering Hoover was a vile racist piece of shit who lost sleep at night thinking about poor people not being miserable or dead.

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hey hi hello my new obsession is suddenly getting a million pressed pennies at disney world

  • Dude: hey now, don't be a misandrist, men have value too
  • Me: Not All Men
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